Here’s what you need to know about the father of Michael Jackson’s accuser:

Let’s talk about Evan Chandler for a minute.

In 1993, a civil lawsuit was leveled against Michael Jackson  in response to alleged sexual abuse of 13-year-old Jordan Chandler. However, it was not Jordan pushing these accusations (in fact, Jordan repeatedly denied anything inappropriate took place) — it was his father, Evan. 

Fun facts about Evan Chandler:

  • He worked as a dentist, but his dream was to make it big in the screenwriting world. He had a taste of success when he co-wrote Robin Hood: Men In Tights, but otherwise struggled and failed to sell his work.
  • During his dentistry career, Chandler was cited for gross negligence twice, sued once by a patient, whose consent forms he mysteriously “lost” in response to this suit. 
  • Actress Carrie Fisher, a former patient of his, wrote in her autobiography, Shockaholic, that he would allow her to come in for “unnecessary dental work” just so that she could obtain morphine, as well as put patients who were known addicts in touch with a corrupt anesthesiologist who would administer morphine in-house. Through the course of her “treatment” with Chandler, she says he would frequently brag to her about his son’s relationship with Michael Jackson:

    "And so my “dentist” would go on and on about how much his son liked Michael Jackson and, more important, how much Michael Jackson liked his son. And the most disturbing thing I remember him saying was, “You know, my son is very good looking.”

    Now I ask you—what father talks about his child that way? Well, maybe some do but (a) I don’t know them, and (b) they probably aren’t raising an eyebrow and looking suggestive when they say it. Over the years I’ve heard many proud fathers tell me, “My son is great,” or “My kid is adorable,” but this was the only time I’d ever heard this particular boast:

    “My son [unlike most average male offspring] is VERY [unsettling smile, raised eyebrows, maybe even a lewd wink] good-looking [pause for you to reflect and/or puke].”

    It was grotesque! This man was letting me know that he had this valuable thing that he assumed Michael Jackson wanted, and it happened to be his son. But it wasn’t who his son was, it was what he was: “good-looking.”

  • At the time the allegations came about, Chandler owed over $50,000 in child support payments to his ex-wife, June — Jordan’s mother (basically, dude needed money).
  • When Jackson began spending significant amounts of time with Jordan and June, flying them around the world and buying them expensive gifts, June’s attorney says that Evan began to express increasing resentment at being “left out”.
  • Jordan repeatedly stated that no abuse took place. The first time he ever made any statement indicating that Jackson abused him was when he was under the influence of sodium amytal - a drug under whose influence, false memories are easily implanted. The boy was put under the influence of the drug in his father’s dental office, though Chandler claims he only put his son under for a tooth extraction (even though sodium amytal is not routinely used for this purpose) and that these statements only coincidentally came out at that time.
    By the way — the anesthesiologist who administered sodium amytal to Jordan? The same one Carrie Fisher wrote about in her autobiography.
  • Chandler is on tape saying the following statements:

    - "If I go through with this, I win big time. I will get everything I want. They will be destroyed forever. June will lose [custody]…and Michael’s career will be over.”

    - “This attorney I found - I mean, I interviewed several, and I picked the nastiest son of a bitch I could find. Once I make that phone call, this guy is just gonna destroy everybody in sight in any devious, nasty, cruel way that he can do it. And I give him full authority to do that. [laughs] It’ll be a massacre if I don’t get what I want.” 

    - In response to Jordan’s stepfather asking if this helps the boy: That’s irrelevant to me. It’s going to be bigger than all of us put together. The whole thing is going to crash down on everybody and destroy everybody in sight.”
  •  Chandler and his lawyer, the corrupt Barry K. Rothman, initially demanded $20 million from Jackson - in the form of 4 movie deals at $5 million a piece. When that amount was rejected by Jackson’s camp, their counter was three $350,000 screenplay deals for Chandler. This was ultimately rejected as well. 
  • He eventually got what he wanted: Jackson was forced to agree to a settlement. Plus, having obtained custody of Jordan, Evan had access to any money Jordan received from this settlement as well.
  • In 2005, Jordan sues his now estranged father. He claims that Evan bludgeoned him over the head with a 12-pound dumbell, maced him and tried to strangle him.
  • In 2009, Evan Chandler commits suicide. Rumors are that his funeral was held quietly with no attendees.
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